Why Lou's Custom Exhaust and Tires?

About Us

Lou's Custom Exhaust has been installing foreign and domestic exhaust systems on all makes and model cars and trucks for over 50 years. We manufacture our own exhaust systems and pass the savings along to you. From stainless steel to chrome mufflers and 14 gauge exhaust pipes, our commitment to quality is paramount. No job is too big or too small. Call Lou's Custom Exhaust today!!

Quality and Low Prices

Lou's Custom Exhaust crushes the competition, not only on price, but with top quality products and highly skilled employees. No salesmen, no over sell, just honest repairs with the longest no hassle guarantee in the exhaust industry. One-year warranty on aluminized mufflers and 5-year warranty on stainless - both with free repairs. No pro-rating at any time. There are no labor or service charges on any guaranteed product - at Lou's, free means free.

Why Lou's?

Your choice is Lou's because we are a throwback in time to the old neighborhood tradition when quality and craftsmanship were a priority. We are a place where mufflers, pipes, and workmanship are of the highest quality. All requests are handled efficiently and politely. You know the employees by name and they will make your shopping trip an enjoyable experience. You WILL be satisfied. Call us at one of our locations for an estimate.

Find out if you qualify for a discount ➞

Whether you want to upgrade your exhaust system or you need auto exhaust repair work done, you're sure to save money by coming to us. We provide discounts to military personnel and first responders. If you're wondering just how much you could save, ask us for a free estimate.