Test the Limits of Your Car's Exhaust Performance

Visit our shop in Dover, NH to upgrade your vehicle

An exhaust upgrade can make your vehicle louder and more powerful. If you want to turn heads while driving around town, bring your vehicle to Lou's Custom Exhaust and Tires in Dover, NH.

We can improve the exhaust performance of cars, trucks and SUVs by installing:

  • High-flow catalytic converters
  • Performance mufflers
  • Exhaust tips

Pricing depends on the kind of exhaust upgrades you choose. We provide free estimates in person, so visit our shop in Dover, NH today to get a quote.

Mufflers shouldn't produce "excessive noise"

However, New Hampshire hasn't set a specific decibel limit for exhaust systems. With that in mind, we can upgrade your exhaust performance to your specifications.

The process will take about an hour if we have all the parts in stock, which is usually the case. Call 603-750-9993 now to make an appointment.