Choose From Over 1,000 Tires for Sale

Our tire shop in Dover, NH has a huge inventory

A set of new tires can set you back hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, you can save money by purchasing new or used tires from Lou's Custom Exhaust and Tires. We have all-season and snow tires for sale in Dover, NH. Regardless of the brand or size you need, you're sure to get a good deal on tires at our shop.

Once you pick out the tires you want, we can mount and balance them for you. Call 603-750-9993 now to learn more about our selection of tires for sale.

Find out if we can fix your tire

If you've got a flat, you won't necessarily have to replace it. We can perform tire repairs if:

  • The tread was punctured.
  • The hole is less than a quarter-inch across.
  • Your tire is in good condition otherwise.

Bring your vehicle to our tire shop in Dover, NH today to find out if we can repair your tire.