Did Your Car Fail an Exhaust Inspection?

Our team in Dover, NH can bring your car up to par

New Hampshire requires drivers to pass an exhaust inspection to help reduce pollution. If your car failed an emissions test, the technicians at Lou's Custom Exhaust and Tires can perform the exhaust repairs that are required by law. Most repair jobs take about an hour, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle.

Our shop is conveniently located in Dover, NH. Visit us today to get your exhaust system fixed.

What types of parts are prohibited?

Your car will likely fail an exhaust inspection if it has:

  • An exhaust cutout or bypass
  • A malfunctioning muffler
  • No catalytic converter

Luckily, we can repair your exhaust system the same day you bring your car in.

Pricing varies based on several factors, so stop by our shop in Dover, NH today to get a free in-person estimate.